Laptop Chargers How to Avoid Damage

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Published: 22nd December 2010
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Some would say it is the Achilles heel of laptop devices that when their laptop power adapters cease to function, the device's days are numbered. This makes care of your laptop charger just as important as care of the device itself, as without this important peripheral your computer will cease to function.

Unfortunately, laptop power adapters are not impervious to damage, and if something does go wrong with your device then it is more than likely it will be this element of your computer, as it is vulnerable to damage caused by movement of your device, or even heat.

The chances are that you will be unplugging and plugging in your charger at a fairly regular basis, and this is where a lot of the damage can originate. Of course, laptop power adapters are meanr to be unplugged and plugged into your device, however when doing so it is important that you do so with some care, otherwise you risk fraying your laptop cord.

Also, laptops are often used in unnatural positions, and away from a static position; this can also cause problems, and holding your laptop power cord in an unnatural position is a leading cause of a fitly power adapter.

Whilst mishandling of a laptop charger is the most common cause of damage to laptop adapters, incorrect storage of your power adapter can also lead to malfunction; with this in mind, it is important to keep your power adapter away from extremes of heat etc, and preferably to keep it stored in the appropriate pocket on your laptop bag.

With with the right protective strategy, your laptop charger is liable to go wrong at some point, which is why it is a good idea to always have a spare adapter to hand, ensuring that if your adapter does suddenly break you can continue to use your device.

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